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Lal Tip: The First International Film of Bangladesh

RED POINT, Bangladesh

By sakib shahriar


For so many years, draught has been flowing in Bangladeshi film market. Producers’ conditions are very poor. In such a situation government takes decision to import film from India. So the condition of film market in Bangladesh is too poor to describe. Producers are withdrawing their investment from this market and seeking some other profitable sectors to invest; artist crisis is acute too. Whole Dhaliwood is abnormally depended on film star Sakib Khan one of the prominent heroes of Bangladeshi film. But in this year his film also can not earn profit too. In this circumstance, all the directors, producers and film critics are thinking of getting any heavenly blessing for the survival of this media which is the one of the best way to brand any nation. The number of good commercial film in Bangladesh is very limited. By the blessing of heaven we get some commercial film enjoyable with whole family after waiting too many years. Keyamot theke keyamot, antore antore, annondo osru were some popular and enjoyable commercial film during the dynasty of Salam Shah the ever smartest hero of Dhaliwood. After the death of him Bangladeshi film fall into a great trap. Number of good commercial film started declining. Hothat brishti, Moner Majhe tumi, Monpura etc are some blessing after Salman Shah’s dynasty. Now the condition of Bangladeshi is like the last lamp of night which light is dimming and dimming. This is the demand of time that the directors and producers should think globally, because the world is getting a global village day by day by the dint of globalization. It is nothing but a foolish idea to film for Bangladeshi only where the whole world is open for us. However the fertile ideas born in fertile brain, all don’t posses it. Only some people thing first and they are the first mover. Swapan Ahmed the director of Lal Tip is one of them. This is undoubtedly mind blowing news for all the patriots of Bangladesh that the wind of globalization starts flowing in Bangladeshi film holding the hand of Swapan Ahmed. He directs the film Lal Tip which is waiting to be released. He claims that it will be a history in romantic Bangladeshi film.


Basically the film is about a beautiful young girl named Nidhi. She born in Bangladesh and went to paris in her childhood with her parents. She is a smart looking Bangladeshi originated girl but French in habit and heart. She has a regular life like other girls in Paris. ARNAB a Bangladeshi boy goes to French as an employee of UNESCO. Eventually, he gets introduced to Nidhi’s family and her parents become determined to arrange her marriage with ARNAB but Nidhi is equally determined to marry LAURENT, her French boyfriend. Nidhi meets and ask helps not to marry her and to break the primitive system of the Indian sub continent to Arnab who is helplessly and hopelessly in love with his beautiful and unyielding bridge. On doing this, she leaves behind her family, her home and decides to live with her French boyfriend. However, Because of scandals in the community Nidhis family returns to a village in Bangladesh where Mishu, a village boy wants to get married with her to go to Paris. Her uncle, the local chairman is also trying to create pressure on Nidhi and her family for the marriage. Thus the story reaches to its peak. Shall Arnab return to Dhaka to find her? Or is he passing his time happily with his beautiful colleague Liana at UNESCO and discovering Paris in a French way? Should Nedhi get married with Mishu who dreams to go to Paris after getting married with an expatriate girl? In LAL TIP, this emotional and dramatic tag of the war will determine whether love is all about giving or taking? Whether our thousands years old Bengali values and cultures will surrender to western culture? Whether Arnab lives with Liana in Paris? Nidhi goes back to Laurent? Or Nidhi and Arnab meet again? Will Nidhi accept the values of Indian sub continents and wear LAL TIP? After watching the film LAL TIP, one will find the answers of all above questions.

Cast & Characters

laltip2Lal Tip is the first international film in the history of Bangladesh which is planned to be released more 25 countries simultaneously. It is a joint production of French and Bangladesh. Impress Telefilm on behalf of Bangladesh and Banani Group on behalf of French finance the film and it is directed and scripted by Swapan Ahmed former student of marketing department, Dhaka University. The film is shot in different location of French, Thailand and Bangladesh. The film will be doubted in three languages: Bangla, English and French. Emon, kusum shikder, ATM Samsuzzaman, Shahidul Alam Sacchu, Sohel Khan, Munira Yousuf memy and mishu are casted from Bangladesh. Daniel Cramer the most popular young actor from French, Deborah Newman a Hollywood actress, Natali Franchesky and Leuna are also casted in some prominent characters. Cristofer a cinematographer from Hollywood were in cinematography and perhaps this credit is first for Bangladeshi film. Three times Oscar winner famous music director late Maris Jar directed one of its music and other music is directed by Fuad, Ebrar Tipu and Arfin Rumi. French provides all the technical support for the film.


Director’s note about the film is, “this is an unusual and original film that will deeply engage audience at many levels and make them laugh out loud at others. it deals no one level with the universal theme of love and the pain and joy that brings, but explores through the stages of grief and loss. The many layers of the film examine what it is like to be a young woman in the globalization of 21st century and to find an identity. It was not necessary to imagine a plot for the story. Walking on the same trails of Togore, Michel Madhusudon Dutt & Sayed Wali Ullah in Paris, I have found the story on my way. The angst and confusion of Bangladeshi parents and children living in Paris, Rome, London & Newyork....and reinforces my standing as director of LAL TIP.” Millions of eyes in this world are waiting in a dreamful eye to enjoy whether Nidhi will accept the Lal Tip or not.

(The writer can be reached at e-mail: [email protected])




Submitted By

Sakib Shahriar

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